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Tachikawa-High App: MoeKoi Sasha by Koichi-Sama Tachikawa-High App: MoeKoi Sasha by Koichi-Sama
Name: MoeKoi Sasha

Nickname: Koi 

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Age: 15

Grade: 1st Year

Dormitory: (Sakuramachi for Girls)

Shiny things
Intellectuals People
Death Metal
Being in charge
Being around the sea
Being Adventurous 

Sea Food
Her family(Except her little sister)
Happy music
Being looked down upon

She comes across as being Aggressive and is often misunderstood because of her upbringing, she very rarely judges others and welcomes companies of all kinds. Sasha's view of the world is somewhat warped because of her family and her lack of human interaction throughout her early childhood life, she strongly believes in the value of a dollar, seeing where her mother came from and the hard work she put in to everything, where as her father was In a complicated spot, leading her to her hatred of her family. She is often mistaken as flirtatious, though she may hit on a few people, her actions are normally misunderstood as such. If given the option she will always take the easy way out, though she wouldn't go as far as to cheat on tests just to get a good grade. Since she believes in the value of a dollar she may come off as being money hungry.


- Kindergarten / Preschool -
 Where she lived there was no such thing as kindergarten or preschool or so she thought as her parents always seemed busy with all her other siblings, They loved her and tried to pay attention to her as much as they could but, the way she was, they couldn’t completely understand her, She was born different from the rest of the family, because of this she felt distant from them all, leaving her to play by herself more often then not

- Elementary School -
 At this time her siblings and her became home schooled her parents trying their best to teach their children themselves as they’re family situation conflicted with all their children being able to go to school, it was hard on Sasha as they still didn’t understand her.

-Middle School / Junior High -
As Sasha grew older she was finally able to enter a school with other kids, she became fascinated with them but being unable to properly communicate her thoughts and feeling she sought to do that through acts of violence. Sasha built somewhat of a following going into her junior High year and became more tomboyish. Sasha started to feel more isolated from her family as she grew in age and noticed how different they were from her friends at school, her only consolation at home was her younger sister, whom she spent most of her time at home with.

- Summer before starting Tachikawa High -
The summer before going to Tachikawa was very lackluster for Sasha except she explored a lot and discovered her interest in girls and not only boys.

Additional Info: She feels very at home when near large amounts of water
Very handy with metal bats...(don't ask)
hates wearing clothing,perfers very little clothing on her skin.
Wishes she didn't have a younger brother

Quotes: "Huh??!!??"


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